March 28, 2017


My next solo exhibition will be at The Lock-up contemporary art space in Newcastle West alongside Sydney artist Jamie North. I'm very excited to see my work out of the studio as this installation has been a long time coming. I hope if you're in or around the Newcastle area you can join us at the opening!

For those of you who are unable to come I will definitely post some images!

5 MAY - 11 JUNE 2017
Newcastle-based artist Sally Bourke will present a large-scale installation from a body of work that includes over 200 portraits for her solo exhibition BRUTAL. Bourke's studio career, which has spanned for almost 20 years has increased the artist's reputation for an uncompromising attitude towards paint and practice.
Bourke's work often depicts faces of the people that surround her. In these portraits, she seeks not to capture the 'like-ness' of a person, but more so the glimpses of characteristics that radiate from them. The artist says of these 'glimpses' that she captures within her portrait: 'They can be anything from the individual's beauty or secrets that they hide behind or a certain cruelty that they emanate. It's all the same to me.'
A loyal online fan base has seen a high and ever increasing demand for her work that is collected both nationally and internationally.
This will be her first solo exhibition in Newcastle since 2009.
IMAGE: Sally Bourke Id It Es oil and acrylic on archival mount board 102 x 82cm
Courtesy of the artist.

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